We appreciate the contact and ask for a little patience to receive our reply due to the volume of emails received recently.

COURSES: If the subject is related to the rescheduling of courses and lectures, Juliana Alencar will answer you soon.

EXPERIENCE: This contact is exclusively for answers to questions related to Spirituality and to Fabio SantoS courses and events. For information and questions about EXPERIENCE2020, please send an email to

DOUBTS: If the subject is doubts about spirituality, Fabio SantoS will answer you as soon as possible.


99% of the doubts have already been answered on YouTube videos. Be sure to access the channel and search for the title.

For info on Fabio SantoS ‘agenda, where he will be and when, click on the AGENDA tab of the menu, What is not there, is not confirmed and there is no confirmation date;

It is extremely difficult and unethical for Fabio to answer about other people’s work or service techniques. Questions like “What do you think of so-and-so’s work?” or “does this X therapy work?” cannot be answered. He limits himself to indicating the people with whom he has openly made videos and lives (and is also not responsible for them).

Questions like “what do you think of this video” or “is this information true?” Will not be answered. Those answers that you must look for and know your own truth.

This is not the channel for personal consultations or dream interpretation. Here, doubts about the study of spirituality are answered.

Fabio cannot make decisions for you. Only you know what is best for yourself. Furthermore, if he does, he becomes co-responsible for his decision and its consequences. So the answer to the question “what do you think I should do?” it is always “analyze with your mental and heart, meditating and asking your SELF for help and choice”.

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